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I’m a word nerd.


Words turn ideas into action, thoughts into narrative.

I’m a lousy singer, a fantastic cook and a fearless inquisitor.
I’m fanatical about cats, common courtesy and craft beer.

I’ve been known to ask, “What’s your cautionary tale?”
(And, perhaps, even tell you mine.)

I believe writer’s block is a myth, deadlines are not to be missed
and the only acceptable fluff is the marshmallow kind.

My fast and furious keyboarding skills earned me the nickname “Machine Gun Maroscher.”

My likes?

Clever sentences, proper punctuation and a sense of humor.

My dislikes?

Verbosity, artifice and blame games.

For me, writing is thinking made visible.

I have to see, feel and “get it” before putting
words on a page. So I ask questions. Lots of ’em.


Happy Clients

I’m fortunate to work with collaborative clients, including companies both large and small, award-winning regional magazines and trade publications, and plenty of brands and startups needing great copy for their marketing collateral, websites, lead-gen libraries, and social media channels.

See my clips.

I’ve been a professional writer since 1986 and a full-time freelancer since 2006. I’m equally at home profiling ordinary heroes, interviewing big-wigs, and giving the how-tos and the why-nots on the what-fors.