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“Jan really knows her stuff.”


Jan is an amazing writer who possesses both a strong technical command of the language and boundless creativity. — Kelly Mooney, CEO, Resource/Ammirati

Freelance Copywriting

From two-word headlines to long-format copy, this freelance writer does it all:
award-winning copywriting, SEO content, marketing collateral, features and shorts, email campaigns, digital, social and print.

Web, Mobile & Digital Content

You have a story to tell. Don’t get lost in the noise. Elevate your story to its rightful place, far above the lackluster world known as ‘vanilla.’

“Jan was a perfect complement to our creative team.”

Jan was a trusted contributor who helped us think and communicate in the language of our clients, not in our own coded vernacular. — Jay Highland, CCO, Chute Gerdeman

“I absolutely love Jan’s quick-hit, savvy humor.”

What a pleasure it is to have work come in in such good shape. 🙂 — Su Reid-St. John, Digital Content Manager, ScottsMiracle-Gro

Lead-Gen Articles & Emails

We live in a sound bite, click-away, turn-it-off world. Fortunately, great content is an extremely effective equalizer and highly affordable influencer.

Creative Communications

Sometimes I work in partnership with creative directors, agencies, designers, developers or on-staff writers. Sometimes I don’t. Either way it rocks.

“Jan consistently goes beyond superficial marketing fluff.”

Oftentimes you find writers who are long on creativity but short on the ability to influence consumer behavior through their writing. Jan doesn’t suffer from the high-creativity, low-impact syndrome. — Nathan Gorenflo, Director of Digital Marketing, Franklin University


I’m an Ohio-based, award-winning, freelance writer and copywriter who works in Columbus,
Cleveland and Cincinnati, as well as New York, Portland, Chicago, D.C. (and beyond).


You. Me. We.

When you’re smack-dab in the middle of a crazy-busy work cycle or your favorite staffer or freelancer takes an unexpected leave, you’re going to need a creative, flexible and reliable freelancer.

I once jumped in on a project for an agency client whose on-staff copywriter was beyond overburdened. My client’s client loved my copy so much they didn’t change a single word. Now that doesn’t happen very often but it is telling: I’m a quick study.