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Project Description

Turning an Exhaustive Update into a Captivating Business Builder

Being the leading social selling beauty company in North America has its perks, especially for 400,000 Beauty Bosses (aka Representatives) who earn up to 40% on all sales. Launching and growing an Avon business, however, is work. Lots to learn. Lots to do. Lots to keep up with. (Not to mention all the changes that came with spinning off and refreshing the iconic brand for the North American Division.)

“Very fresh.”

“Great, simple, quick.”

Working with Just Jan Creative, New Avon’s Sales Communications and Events team revamped its Representative newsletter, transforming it from an overwhelming scroll of corporate-speak to a Skimm®-style weekly that informs and inspires. Hello, Beauty Buzz!

The results:

  • Increased sales field re-engagement

  • Boosted growth among a new legion of millennial-age Representatives

  • Provided more effective sales support

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