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I have a brain and a vocabulary (and I know how to use ’em).

I play nice with others, too, because the best work is always, always, always a team effort.

As an award-winning freelance writer, marketing copywriter and content strategist specializing in
technology, business, healthcare, higher education, banking and consumer packaged goods,
my work has appeared online, in print and via mobile apps, blogs and social media.

But I don’t just write … I think.

It would be a pleasure and a privilege to introduce you to captivating content and strategic copywriting
that can help you find an audience, elevate your visibility and build customer loyalty.

Well-crafted content makes you stand out.

If you value the power of professionally written and artful narrative,
or if you’re looking for fresh ways to engage and influence your readers, customers or audience, contact me.

(I’ll actually reply.)

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